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Disable password autocomplete in Firefox

Handy little trick to make Firefox behave in a more security-conscious manner

Saturday, December 5th, 2009

Firefox seems intent on autocompleting password fields, whether you want it to or not, which is not good for security if you're building a web app with "old password / new password" functionality.

Luckily, I've found a way to trick it into not doing this.

Simply place a hidden password field, with no name, at the start of your form:

<input type="password" style="display: none;"/>

This seems to trick firefox into thinking that this is the main password field, but as there's no name it a) doesn't get set and b) doesn't get submitted.

Great :)

Documentor – PHP to HTML to Redmine Wiki syntax converter

Easily convert PHP to HTML then Redmine wiki format

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009


I've released what I think is a pretty robust version of Documentor, my PHP > HTML > Redmine documentation app.

These are some of the nice features to make it in:


  • Classes, methods and properties are now supported
  • Excellent JavaDoc & commenting conversion
  • Automatic grouping of properties based on comments structure


  • Full or partial HTML generation, with semantic markup, anchors and full CSS support
  • Multiple structural options
  • Generation of sample code

Wiki format

  • Automatic conversion of almost all supported tags, including simple tables
  • Automatic link generation for external and internal links


  • Elegant and easy-to use AJAX interface which remembers your settings between sessions
  • Sample code example included to quickly test all the features
  • Live preview of HTML results

Check it out

It's now got its own project page, so you can file issues or suggestions there:


And the application is here to tinker with:


I think it's fairly bullet-proof, but please get in there and test the latest version, let me know what you like, and if you find any bugs.

Check it out online and have a play – I've tried to make it super easy, and there's sample code you can use to get you started. Also, try copying and pasting some of the code Kohana classes in to see what happens!